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What do our customers say


We love the vans dearly and love to drive them but don't take our word for it, look at what our customers have been saying about hiring a campervan from us.


'I would thoroughly recommend hiring from Dub Dub, it was a great experience to drive a vintage van and a great way to connect with nature and the outdoors, a delight and joy. Thank you Jo for all your help and support from initial contact to return of the van. '

Sally - London - April 2023


'My Daughter and I had a fabulous 2 week road trip in September to Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall in Sunny.
Sunny was so much fun to drive and it was lovely to be able to visit so much of our beautiful coastline.
You're never too old for an adventure!
Our experience with Dub Dub and Away was excellent. Would highly recommend!'

Amanda and Amy - London - September 2022


'Amzing experience in Sunny, our 4 and 6 year olds loved it. Process very easy, lots of information given and very friendly service from the team at Dub Dub and Away. Recommending to all our friends, we continue to hire for many years to come.'

Richard - London - August 2022


'Highly recommend for anyone looking for an adventure in a campervan! Inspired by a Julia Donaldson book (and some unfinished childhood memories), we decided to explore what a holiday could be like with a campervan. The experience could not have been better! Poppy was a great choice; it had everything we needed for the trip and was easy to drive. Shoutout to the folks at Dub Dub and Away too - they made the whole process from start to finish seamless.'

Francis - London - August 2022


'Overall experience was excellent, communication was good and quick both in advance and over the weekend, friendly and informative check in / out experience and good flexibility in terms of pick up and drop off times. Definitely would recommend to others'

Chris - London - August 2022


'We had so much fun spending the weekend in Sunny and the customer service and support we had from Dub Dub and Away was excellent.'

Lisa - London - August 2022


'It was a really great experience hiring a VW camper van from Dub Dub and Away. Honey took our festival experience to a whole new level& Thank you so much!'

Rob - London - July 2022


'A lovely experience, definitely to be repeated.'

Sarah - London - July 2022


'If you need a VW camper, don't think about going anywhere else! '

Paul - Brighton - July 2022


'We had a wonderful few days in Poppy as she took us around Norfolk and into Suffolk! '

Chris - London - June 2022


'Thank you for a wonderful experience, we had an amazing weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. The process of hiring the van was easy and communication was quick and easy. '

Hannah - London - May 2022


'Honey was the dream camper! We took her away for a long weekend and couldn't have been happier. A joy to drive, has absolutely everything you need and a very comfy bed! We'd take Honey out again in a heartbeat. '

Ollie - London - May 2022


'My smile was from ear to ear when I first saw Poppy. She was everything I remember from when my dad owned one, from the smell, to the sound of opening the doors. She was a dream, and managed the Devon roads amazingly.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane Poppy. '

Douglas - London - October 2021


'My experience with Dub Dub and Away was flawless. The customer service that I received from the team was fantastic; making the booking and confirmation process uncomplicated. The NHS discount was very welcome! It was love at first sight when I spotted Poppy and the induction on collection was thorough and made me feel confident. Poppy was easy to drive and very well equipped (not that I did any cooking due to the onsite chef)! I will definitely be booking another trip soon.'

Peta - London - September 2021


'Our two trips with Sunny - in June and September - have provided the perfect bookends to a summer of returning to the open road and making wonderful memories with our nearest and dearest again. Thank you for making me feel like a viking (driving her), and for all the care you have shown as we adjusted our wing mirrors to take in more than our lockdown living room!'

Julia - London - September 2021


'Our experience with Dub Dub and Away was brilliant from start to finish. The check-in was very thorough - J went through everything to expect, the equipment to use, and provided advice on how to drive Moneypenny. After that, we were set for a glorious week away touring Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire. Moneypenny was a dream to drive - totally reliable, comfortable, and with character. Setting her up to sleep was easy and fun. Communication with the team during the week was great. We will be back, and we will recommend! '

Nick - London - September 2021


'Excellent service as always.'

Peter - London - September 2021


'We had a fantastic weekend away in Poppy. If you're nervous about driving one of the vans, don't be as she was a joy to drive. The whole process was great from stat to finish. Would highly recommend.'

Alex & Sian - London - August 2021


'Had a lovely family holiday (for 4) with Sunny and made lasting memories - can well recommend hiring a vintage campervan from Dub Dub & Away '

Chris and Rachel - London - August 2021


'From start to finish we really enjoyed our experience with Dub Dub and Away. It was a stress free experience with very helpful and kind hosts. The van was beautiful and we had a fab time getting away for a couple of days. I would really recommend using them! '

Leanne - London - August 2021


'After seeing all of the campervans on the street, I thought it would be a great idea to take my boys away for a week.

Im so glad I did!
All of us absolutely loved the freedom, and relaxed pace of life in a VW Campervan. It gave us an opportunity to really connect and forget about the normal day to day to life - a true holiday.

The team at Dubdubandaway genuinely care about the vans and your trip, and are there to provide support as and when you need it.

I highly recommend a holiday/trip, its a must do. I'll be booking again next year.'

Stephen - London - July 2021


'Thanks for an amazing time, including the pickup where you showed our son around the van also.'

Eve - London - July 2021


'Dub Dub and Away were absolutely lovely to rent from and look forward to renting from them again soon! '

Rob - London - July 2021


'So wonderful to have lovely local enthusiasts who tend the vans with such love and care - I love seeing them all waiting to be loaded up and taken out for their adventures! Dub Dub and AWAY!!!!!'

Rix - London - June 2021


'The very best of campervans from the kindest most knowledgeable of campervan owners - after a year of being locked away, our hire restored us to feeling free in the great outdoors. Thank you - we will be back very soon!'

Julia and Mimi - London - June 2021


'These campers are in amazing condition, both mechanically and appearance wise.
Hire one, your very likely to have a lot of fun and have lots of stories to recount.'

Kevin - London - June 2021


'Great experience hiring and driving Sunny, would highly recommend it.'

Katherine - London - September 2019


'We have gone abroad for every anniversary in the past, we wanted to try something different this time around. This was such a fun experience for us and has given me the bug to try this again in the future. Tim and Jo were very knowledgeable and I would thoroughly recommend this using them to anybody looking for a similar adventure.'

Chris - London - September 2019


'The bus was very well stocked with everything we needed ! Jo and Tim were so helpful and friendly that made our experience in England one of our favorite trips ! What a fantastic experience ! Thank you again'

Rob and Tania - Canada - September 2019


'Excellent experience but take it easy. Slow down your driving. Other drivers (campers and others) will send you a lot of affection with waves, flashes and toots. '

Peter - London - August 2019


'Having hired Honey from Jo and Tim for the second time , we were very worried when we heard the day of our rental start that she had limped home from Glastonbury and we would not be able to take her.
However, they organised a new rental of Moneypenny that day and our trip was saved,and still amazing !!!
5star service!!!
Many thanks to you both, N&D '

Nikki and Dave - London - August 2019


'Honey was an extremely fun and reliable van that allowed us to take a sense of fun and adventure away without the stress of wondering if we'd actually get to our campsite. We made it to the new forest and back on one tank of petrol and all of the equipment worked and added so much to our camping experience. Two hobs and table and chairs meant morning fry ups and evening hot chocolates were a great treat! My partner and 2 Yr old daughter slept well on the van's bed (and I in a tent pulled up to the door). Overall was a really fun van to take away for a long weekend away.'

Konrad - London - August 2019


'It was a once in a lifetime experience for us as a family having a weekend with Sunny and a dream come true for my husband who had always wanted to go away in a camper van. We had a magical drive to our campsite in the Downs with the sun shining and the windows down. The kids loved it. Tim couldn't have been more helpful and made the organisational side of things super easy. Sunny is also a great talking point and we had lots of lovely chats with other van lovers - vintage and modern - in the campsite! Thank you Tim and thank you Sunny x '

Katherine, Julian, Alice and Leo - London - July 2019


'Seamless rental process from start to finish, which provided a truly unique and phenomenal experience, which enormously enhanced our experience at Wilderness festival in August 2019. '

Daniel and Sofia - London - July 2019


'As always, the van drew many appreciative comments'

Peter - London - July 2019


'We had a really wonderful time from start to finish. We know you'd like constructive feedback, but we've got no complaints, and can see no room for improvement. We know other customers may prefer a fridge, but we were very happy with our ice box. If we didn't have one we can imagine keeping food cool might have been an issue, but that's a theoretical issues as we were fine. '

Paul and Kay - London - July 2019


'The vans were so much fun! Zero complaints with Dubdub, the vans or the process. It was such a wonderful experience. '

Anon - July 2019


'I loved the personal contact - felt very genuine and not corporate. Honey was fantastic and I was really impressed with the condition of the van.'

Andrew - London - July 2019


'The meltdown that my 3 year old had when he realised he had to say goodbye to Sunny is testimony to a wonderful weekend! Jo and Tim were so delightful, and very accommodating to our young family. We will certainly be hiring another campervan from dubdubandaway! '

Eleanor - London - July 2019


'Great service, lovely people to deal with, Poppy was fun to drive and spotless throughout. Can't think of a single thing they could have done better. '

Elizabeth - London - July 2019


'A great all round experience, a novelty which we all really enjoyed as a family. Friendly service and just really good fun. '

Georgie - London - July 2019


'Sunny is the most comfortable of any VW camper we've hired - the upstairs is brilliant for adults, which is rare. and the table/bed support is v stable and reliable - often in conversions that can be a weak point. not in Sunny!
totally go for Sunny :)
oh and it's a good workout for your upper body strenght too. Just do some pilates before parking! '

Tony - London - July 2019


'Fab trip back in time! A very lovely and well maintained van - part of a fleet of happy campers!'

Rix - London - June 2019


'Tim and Jo provided a superb experience for hiring three classic VW camper vans for a group of 5 adults, 3 kids and 3 dogs. We felt thoroughly looked after from start to finish and would not hesitate to recommend DubDubAndAway for a fantastic vintage travel experience.'

Nick and Caroline - London - June 2019


'These guys are super professional.... it's a business , but there's a lot of love involved clearly!'

Jason - London - June 2019


'I had a lovely weekend away with Sunny - its a completely different driving experience which takes a little adjusting to but once you've got it, the slower pace, hearty sound of the engine and views all round are just glorious. Lots of smiles and chat from complete strangers are a bonus! Jo and Tim do a really good job of providing everything you need and making the hire go smoothly. Looking forward to my next trip!'

Jo - London - May 2019


'Thanks Jo and Tim for great friendly service and advice. We loved Monypenny and she paid us back, taking everything in her stride, driving a couple of hours a day. We had a great authentic original VDub experience and will never forget it.'

Matt - Manchester - May 2019


'We had a great trip to the New Forest in Sunny at Easter Weekend. Everything was compact and minimalist - giving a great feeling of freedom. First time for us in a campervan but we would definitely go again. We received a discount at our campsite through their affiliation with the Camping/Caravan Club. Jo and Tim are friendly and keen to provide a personal service and to ensure that everything was OK with the van and made themselves available in case we had any questions during the trip. All went smoothly. We would recommend Dub Dub and Away.'

Emma - London - April 2019


'This was our 6th time having Honey and it was a joy as always. Tim and Jo always give great service and we love our Honey holidays! '

Simone and Rachel - London - September 2018


'It is one of the best feelings to be chugging along in an authentic VDub campervan - it radiates happiness! Jo & Tim provide a superb level of service, which gives real peace of mind. If you love camping, then DubDub&Away is an experience not to be missed.'

Matheu - London - August 2018


'Fantastic campervan. Our daughter absolutely loved the adventure and we had a wonderful time travelling in Moneypenny. We covered quite a lot of miles and didn't have any problems at all with her. Thank you!'

KIain - London - August 2018


'I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jo and Tim. We had the most beautiful, extraordinary time with Sunny. There was such a huge part of me that didn't want to take her back. When you sleep, eat and travel in such a wonderful machine you become so attached to it. Thank you for your guidance and help through out. Jo was always on the other end of the phone if ever we had problems. We will come back!'

Nick - London - August 2018


'Excellent, straightforward hire service for a vehicle that always draws envious looks...'

Peter - London - August 2018


'Honey was an absolute delight to drive and so comfortable to stay in. So much detail is given to all the extras that make staying in Honey so comfortable- from the pots and pans to the awning, table and chairs. All we needed was our bedding and clothing and off we went. Honey turned many heads in Cornwall and we made many new friends on the campsite and had lots of waves from people as we drove along. It was so lovely to escape modern day madness and just relax on the roads and the campsite in the comfort of Honey. Jo and Tim are so helpful and organised and always get back to you quickly with any questions you have . Thank you. One of the best holidays we have ever had'

Trudi - London - July 2018


'We loved cruising around in the sunny van during a fantastic weekend! The owners are super layback and easy to communicate with. All good vibes from the start till the end. The van has everything you need, and on top of that, the gear for camping can't be any better ! All the cooking stuff you need, a huge tent, chairs and easy folding tables. cant ask for more ! Sunny did a fantastic job ! '

Sander - London - July 2018


'Having used them once I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking to rent an original camper van! Truly nice people to deal with, and available at any time if you have any queries. '

Nikki - London - July 2018


'We had a wonderful weekend away with Poppy, it was like stepping back in time and I would heartily recommend the experience to people who have a sense of adventure and would enjoy the vintage feel.'

Edwin - London - July 2018


'Lovely attention to detail. The matches provided. The spare parts all ready and waiting JUST IN CASE - but not needed. The kitchen equipment easily recognisable for the clear-up at the campsite. A really gorgeous steering wheel.'

Rix - London - June 2018


'This was a great adventure and we got many compliments from fellow campers. Monneypenny must have been very 'high tech' in the '70s and many of its features are still very practical (little fridge (without electricity), expandable roof, hammock, storage space). Extremely reliable as well and no issues at all.'

Maarten - London - June 2018


'Jo and Tim were super helpful in renting out a van and finding a route/accommodation on the road. The van itself was absolutely fantastic, such a cool experience, cannot wait to do it again with one of their other vans :)'

Jackie - London - June 2018


'I had a great experience and the guidance and instructions received to use the camper we're great and very reassuring. Compliments to the owners'

Chris - London - June 2018


'We had a fantastic family weekend away in Sunny. The kids loved the camper van and were so excited about sleeping in the roof!! All the equipment in the van meant that we had everything thing we needed for the weekend. I think we will be talking about our little adventure for many years to come! '

Stephanie - London - May 2018


'It was a great experience, going at a slower pace was indeed a big wake up and throughly enjoyable. The van has everything you need.'

Anon - May 2018


'Dub Dub and Away were the perfect company to hire a most beautiful classic VW camper van helping to fulfil a little dream of taking my two boys (aged 3 and 6 years) on a road trip around the UK. It served to create many magical memories which all began with the warm and personal service from Dub Dub and Away. I wouldn't hesitate to hire from them again.'

Annie - London - April 2018


'Thank you Jo and Tim, despite a very wet weekend, hiring Honey was an absolute joy. We can't wait to do it all over again...but maybe with some sun this time! '

Magdalena and Scott - London - April 2018


'We had a lovely time in Poppy at Wilderness Festival 2017! She was equipped and ready to go and in great shape for the weekend Both our kids enjoyed the bunks and the awning was very handy Will definitely use dubdubandaway again! '

Marc - Harlow - August 2017


'Nice to be in an iconic VW van for a couple of days '

Mike - London - august 2017


'The kids loved the hammocks (and slept really well in them). Even on a rainy day the whole family loved curling up in the campervan. You were both a delight to deal with and we had a wonderful adventure. Thank-you.'

Mark - London - August 2017


'Of the five VW campers that I've hired over the past few years, the vehicle from 'Dub Dub and Away' was by far the best of the bunch... '

Peter - London - August 2017


'Jo and Tim are so great to deal with that the holiday starts when you first make contact. Sunny was the star of the show though and did not let us down in either cool factor or performance. My plans to get up at the crack of dawn and go exploring went by the wayside as we were so comfortable that we slept in most days - even after a monster storm. Can't wait to do it all again now that I'm a pro.'

Catherine - London - July 2017


'A camping weekend was made 10x more fun by having taken it in a camper van. Everyone on the campsite was very jealous!'

James - London July 2017


'We had such an amazing family weekend away with Poppy, a true adventure. And after so much exhausting fun, one of the most treasured memories I have is the return journey home, blissfully chugging through the sunny Sussex countryside, with all 3 kids & the dog sound asleep in the back of Poppy - pure heaven!
Thanks so much Jo & Tim, you were absolutely lovely!'

Jo - London - July 2017


'A great experience, brilliant customer service, a beautiful van that received plenty of comments from strangers, made a wonderful Glastonbury 2017 even better! Thank you Dub dub and away!'

David, Jo and Riley- London - June 2017


'lovely people, lovely vans, go for it!'

Tony - London - June 2017


'Such a lovely time! We felt so supported by the dub dub crew while away. It was made clear to call with any issues and that helped us relax and really enjoy the trip!'

Andrew - London - June 2017


'We enjoyed our experience with Moneypenny and were very happy with the friendly and informative service we received. Everyone smiles at you when you drive a classic campervan! '

Robin - London - June 2017


'Thank you Tim for lending us Moneypenny. We had a great weekend away!'

David - London - June 2017


'Amazing vans and an excellent service all around. Highly recommended.'

Mark - London - May 2017


'Sunny was lots of fun to drive and spend time in. Beds were surprisingly comfortable and we felt very cosy at night when it was actually quite cold outside. '

Alex - London - May 2017


'We had such fun on our trip to the West Country in Moneypenny. We can't wait for our next trip!'

Tom and Nicola - London - May 2017


'We had a brilliant time in Poppy and successfully drove her to the Peak District. The experience of driving an old campervan is just a joy and Poppy ran smoothly once you get used to the feel of her! The journey was made so much nicer by being in the campervan and the pace of life slowed right down which was just what we needed for our holiday. Tim is a fab guy and he put us at ease with top tips and a professional handover on arrival. It was our first hire so we can't really compare condition to another. The supplies the van comes with are really well thought through and we didn't need anything extra so guess it was all covered! Even a natty foldable colander. Don't think about it just hire one and enjoy!'

Sarah - London - April 2017


'We rented Poppy for a weekend away in the Pembrokeshire coast and she was an absolute delight. Driving her became a pleasure. The nights were surprisingly warm and comfortable. If we decide to rent a camper van again then it will definitely be from Dub Dub and Away.'

James - London - October 2016


'Very friendly and helpful service from the moment we booked to the moment we (reluctantly) had to give the van back. Honey was the perfect companion for our holiday.'

Simon - London - October 2016


'Great way to spend a long weekend. My 2 children loved every minute and are already bugging me about when we can hire Poppy again! '

Tom - London - October 2016


'Everything was great with the van. It had everything we needed and a decent size awning which was really helpful, especially when the weather wasn't great. Tim gave comprehensive and helpful instructions about everything when collecting the van and in the handy folder. It was comfy and warm. '

Natalie & Paul - London - September 2016


'Excellent experience, no other vehicle gets such positive reaction from all road users!!'

Tony - London - September 2016


'Had a great time, loved whole experience from driving with the big steering wheel to cooking bacon on the mini hob- you have a constant smile on your face!'

stephen- London - September 2016


'We had an amazing time on our south-west road trip with Poppy who looked after us extremely well, and after a week we're thinking we could get used to van life! Would highly recommend Tim and his beautiful vans if your after a special trip - Dub, dub and away!!'

: Jonny & Jenny - London - September 2016


'Good service, great van, perfect weekend'

Mark - London - August 2016


'Tim was a pleasure to deal with and the van was a delight to drive and camp in. We had a great weekend, thanks Dub Dub and Away!!'

Harry - London - August 2016


'The van was a lot of fun, in very good nick and very well (and thoughtfully) kitted out. '

James and Megan - London - August 2016


'Spending the weekend away with Sunny was an enjoyable experience - Dub Dub and Away have put plenty of thought into the needs of an occasional campervan user, and these are all catered for, including sturdy camping furniture and a well-considered set of kitchen utensils. I can't recommend them highly enough! '

John - London - August 2016


'From start to finish, the process of renting from Dub Dub and Away was pleasant and professional. Even while we were on the road, Tim responded quickly to our one or two inquiries. The van itself (Poppy) was amazing - a very well stocked home for a week of driving and camping. She's fun to drive and even more fun to camp. On top of it all, Poppy made an amazing backdrop for our engagement! '

Katherine - New York - August 2016


'This was my second time hiring from Tim and again the service was Rockstar standards! If you are looking to hire a VW camper - don't go anywhere else. Tim rocks and so does his vans! I will be back next year for Glastonbury! '

Paul - London - August 2016


'It was our first experience in a camper van, and one of our best experiences ever!! Thank you for giving us that pleasure '

Ashley - London - July 2016


'Cool van and we had a FAB WOMAD festival experience'

Richard - London - July 2016


'Driving these vans is an experience because they iconic, other road users seem to respect you more and are more considerate, even get waved at ! The van was very well equipped and everything was explained before commencing our journey. '

Kevin - London - July 2016


'Poppy was an excellent Latitude Festival companion! '

Daniel - London - July 2016


'We had a brilliant weekend in Sunny at Latitude festival! It was lovely to drive a little slower than normal and relax on the way there, and then Sunny was a great base for the weekend. We couldn't recommend her enough.'

Laura and Steve - London - July 2016


'The kids and i were not sure what to expect as a first timers. was it difficult to drive 'yes' but I am used to power steering, was it fast and handle the corners well 'no' its 44 years old & a 1.6lt bus, she was treated with respect.
After a week of real joy and freedom I want another 2 weeks and then some. Thank you Sunny & DubDub worth every second'

Derek - London - June 2016


We had a fantastic time in our vintage VW camper. The camper ran beautifully, the booking and pick up service was excellent and all the equipment which came with it were great.
We'd definitely hire again from here.

Ben M - London - June 2016


Everything worked well and made sense

Ben L - London - June 2016


We found it an amazing first experience not only with a camper van but camping full stop and mainly due to the care and attention you gave - can't recommend you highly enough.

Jay - London - June 2016


Thanks for an excellent weekend - driving and sleeping in the vans was fantastic and everything was very smoothly arranged. Looking forward to the next trip

Rob - London - June 2016


Our weekend with Moneypenny was a dream come true

Anita - London - June 2016


As a native Californian, I always wanted the experience of tooling around the country in an old VW campervan. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the entire experience and, once I allowed myself to relax into the general groovyness of the whole thing, had a blast poodling around Britain in a cheery yellow bus. I would definitely recommend it and would do it again.

Douglas - London - May 2016


Honey is a real head turner, as soon as we got on the road it was exciting to see people waving and pointing. Driving such an old vehicle is an experience in itself and takes some getting used too but the heavy steering, awkward gears and collection of weird and wonderful knobs is all part of the adventure. Quite a few people wanted to chat to us about the van, it's in great condition for something built in the 70's and being bright bronze/orange gets lots of attention.
We were surprised at the amount of kit available, it was nice to go camping and have all of the gear for a change. You are stocked for every eventually, from blocks to allow camping on a hill to washing up liquid! The awning and tents work really well but ideally need to be erected before consuming any wine. When we went through the inventory with Tim it was quite overwhelming but I was thankful for the detailed overview and extensive stock as little things can quickly become frustrating when camping.
Would recommend Dub Dub to friends and will definitely hire again in the future. Dub Dub clearly passionate about VW campers and service is hassle free.

James - London - May 2016


"The best customer service ever!
Relaxed yet professional
And the campervan we hired.. Honey.. was beautiful Enjoyed the experience hugely Thank you so much! "

Sarveen - London - November 2015


"Great few days away in Moneypenny. Drives brilliantly considering her age and all the kit on board for a few days of adventure. "

Rob and Jo - London - September 2015


"We had a brilliant time and fully recommend it! Best holiday we've had "

Greg - London - September 2015


"A great van with good specification of contents and acc, made our weekend go smoothly. thanks "

Mark - London - August 2015


"VW therapy!
These vans are good for the soul. Our dog jumps in any van she walks passed now! Can't wait for the next adventure."

Kate - London - August 2015


"I am really glad to have chosen DUB DUB and Away for our leisurly experience. It was great! Very impressed with how thoroughly the camper was equipped, what are you waiting for just bring you bags and go on an adventure. "

Dario - Qatar - August 2015


"We had an amazing weekend in the van - there were tears from the 6 year old on having to say goodbye. We will definitely be using the company again, the whole family are now avid converts!! "

Beth - London - July 2015


"Superb experience "

Paul - London - July 2015


"Great van and brilliant service in SE London, with super organisation & great communications. Will definitely consider hiring again& highly recommend dub dub and away. We had the best Glastonbury ever! Thank you Honey!"

Ai - London - July 2015


" Exceptional customer service from Tim - he was a pleasure to deal with from my first enquiry to drop off of VW camper! Superb all round and I felt like a king all the way! "

Paul - London - June 2015


"We love Honey and will be back. We found the awning very simple to put up and take down"

Simone - Kent - June 2015


"After being a couple for 15 years and a family for 10, this was our first time camping. It won't be our last. We had a simply wonderful time and a classic VW was the perfect way to travel and bridge the various accommodation requirements!"

Jonathan - London - May 2015


"A really fun time, great to get back to good old fashioned driving & camping. Also, must recommend Chestnut Meadow camping & caravanning park near Bexhill-on-Sea, top class facilities and great for kids."

Jos - London - April 2015


"A great experience all round in Sunny the cheerful camper. we loved it and I spent most of the time driving the scenic routes with a big grin on my face instead of trying to get from A-B as quickly as possible as I would usually :o)"

Claire - London - April 2015


"We had a fab 3 nights in Moneypenny (2 adults, 2 children). The children loved sleeping in the hammocks and even with us sleeping below there was enough room. We stayed in Canterbury at the Camping and Caravanning Site (highly recommend as very clean site and staff very friendly and helpful). We had everything we needed for a great camping weekend and will be back next year to hire again. Thank you!"

Anon - London - October 2014


"Great service, well maintained van with all the right contents and equipment for all situations "

Mark - London - September 2014


"We had a fantastic weekend, we'll definitely use Dub dub and away again. Really excellent service!"

Simone - London - September 2014