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Devon Caravette Road MK II road test from "the Motor" November 19 1958.
Author Tim
Friday - July 31, 2015 11:33 am
In 1958 (November 19th) a Magazoine called "The Motor" did a road test on a Devon Caravette convetrsion of a VW split screen van.

We have recently accquired a copy of the report and think it is worth sharing with everyone so that you can see report.

It cost £930 to buy (with no purchase tax) and makes the current price for a Split Screen van (£20,000 PLUS) seem a little steep, if only we had the foresight in the 60's to buy and preserve a whole fleet of them for the future :-)

the report has been scanned and is a little lopsided but well worth a read and we have included if below. 

Devon Caravette 1958 road test
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